python – In my flask website deployed in Heroku, if statements are not working

@app.route('/new', methods = ('GET', 'POST'))
def new():
if request.method == 'POST':

        global T_1_1
        global T_1_2
        global T_1_3
        global T_1_4
        global T_1_5
        global T_1_6
        global T_1_7

        session('buttonclicked') += 1

        T_1_1 = request.form('T_1_1')
        T_1_2 = request.form('T_1_2')
        T_1_3 = request.form('T_1_3')
        T_1_4 = request.form('T_1_4')
        T_1_5 = request.form('T_1_5')
        T_1_6 = request.form('T_1_6')
        T_1_7 = request.form('T_1_7')
    concepts3 = "abcd"
    if(int(t1) < 70):
        concepts3 =  ",Kinematics-Graphs,Centre of Mass"
        concepts3 = concepts3 + ",Moment of Inertia,One Dimensional Motion,Newton’s Laws"
        concepts3 = concepts3 + ",Work Done and Power,Impulse, Explosions and Collisions"
    if(int(t1) <42):
        concepts3 = concepts3 + ",Projectile Motion,Pure Rolling or Rolling without Slipping,Angular Momentum and its Conservation"
        concepts3 = concepts3 + ",Problems of Circular Motion,Friction"
        concepts3 = concepts3 + ",Linear Momentum, Mechanical Energy and Their Conservation"
    session('t1') = t1

    session('concepts3') = concepts3
    return redirect(url_for("page_decider"))

The above is my code when the function is called the if loops are not working. The concepts3 is only returning the first inserted value in it. But nothing is adding from if loop. I have deployed the app in Heroku. But when I run it locally it is running properly but in Heroku not working properly please help. I am not understanding why it is not working. Please help me to solve the problem.