Python, perhaps an Infinite Loop

I am new to python so I am sure this is just a rocky mistake, When I try to run the program It just keeps running and doesn’t solve anything so I believe that I have made an infinite loop but I am not sure how.

So my objective is to determine a “me” so my max-height “h” becomes 3000, I have defined my functions “h” and “v” When it enters the loop I want it to compute h and v for the first 20 seconds and then checks if my max-height “Apogeu” as got to 3000, if not I will increase my “me” and try it again.

I also had to increase my recursion limit because it was saying that it was being passed, I have tried to put prints inside the loop to check if they appeared but nothing has shown, I have been trying to figure out what was the problem but I couldn’t. If you could point me in the right direction it would be a huge help.

import sys
import math
import numpy as np


ISP    = 130    #(s)
t_burn = 3.0    #(s)
g0     = 9.81   #(m/s^2)
mf     = 12.0   #(Kg)
D_R    = 0.12   #(m)
C_D    = 0.4
rho    = 1.225
A      = math.pi*D_R**2/4
me     = 0.1


def v(t):
    if t==0.0:
        return 0 
    elif t<=t_burn:
        return (ISP*g0*np.log(m0/(m0-me*t))-g0*t-C_D*0.5*A*v(t-0.01)**2*
    elif t>t_burn:
        return (v(t_burn)-g0*t-C_D*0.5*A*v(t-0.01)**2/mf*t)
def h(t):
    if t==0.0:
        return 0
    elif t<=t_burn:
        return (ISP*g0/me*((m0-me*t)*np.log((m0-me*t)/m0)+me*t)-g0*0.5*t**2-
    elif t>t_burn:
        return (h(t_burn) + v(t_burn)*t -0.5*g0*t**2-

Apogeu = 0
while (Apogeu<3000):
    m0   = mf + me
    t    = 0.0
    while (t<=20):
    me = me + 0.1