python – Return screenshot data from subprocess without residual files

I have a use case, where I want to take screenshots via scrot without leaving behind residual files:

"""Takes screenshots."""

from pathlib import Path
from subprocess import check_call
from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory

from digsigclt.os.posix.common import SCROT
from digsigclt.types import Screenshot

__all__ = ('screenshot')

JPEG = 'image/jpeg'
    'jpe': JPEG,
    'jpeg': JPEG,
    'jpg': JPEG,
    'png': 'image/png',
    'gif': 'image/gif'

def screenshot(filetype: str = 'jpg', display: str = ':0',
               quality: int = None, multidisp: bool = False,
               pointer: bool = False) -> Screenshot:
    """Takes a screenshot."""

        content_type = FORMATS(filetype)
    except KeyError:
        raise ValueError('Invalid image file type.') from None

    command = (SCROT, '--silent', '--display', display)

    if quality is not None:
        command += ('--quality', str(quality))

    if multidisp:

    if pointer:

    with TemporaryDirectory() as tmpd:
        tmpfile = Path(tmpd).joinpath(f'digsigclt-screenshot.{filetype}')

        with'rb') as file:
            return Screenshot(, content_type)

The code works as intended. What bothers me, however, is the workaround that I had to take using TemporaryDirectory. All tests using a ǸamedTemporaryFile directly failed due to the fact, that python opens the target file before the subprocess writes to it, so that a subsequent read() would return an empty bytes object.
Is there a way to improve the intermediate file handling without the TemporaryDirectory workaround and without opening and closing the intermediate file more than once?