Python role number program that gives students the same role number

Hi folks, I wrote this program in Python 3.7. The following should do it:

1. Ask for the low point of the roll number.

2. Ask for the highest point of the roll number.

3. Ask for the names of the students until "yeet" is entered. Then it calls the function with parameters that are the low point, the high point, and the names.

4.The function creates role numbers for each student, and no student should have the same role number. It checks to see if the role number is in the dictionary values ​​that contains the role number and matches the role number value until it is unique.

5. Then the name of the candidate and his roll number will be printed.

The problem is that the roll numbers of the candidates are sometimes the same.

Here is the program:

import randomly
Role numbers = {}
def Roll number (open, low, high):
for x in Candle:
garbageroll = random.randint (low-1, high)
if garbageroll in rollnumbers.values ​​():
while (garbageroll in rollnumbers.values ​​()):
garbageroll = random.randint (low-1, high)
roll numbers[x] = str (garbage roll)
for k, v in rollnumbers.items ():
print (k + "s roll number is" + v)

Candidates = []
Decision = ""
print ("Enter the top and bottom of the roll numbers:")
lowrange = int (input ("lower range:"))
Uprange = int (input ("upper range:"))
print ("Enter the names of the candidates. If you want to create role numbers,
Enter & yeet & # 39; on. ")
during (1):
Decision = str (input ())
if decision == "yeet":
elif decision == "":
Applicant.Evening (Decision)
Role number (open = candidate, low = low, high = high)

There may be some indentation errors because I do not yet know the Stack Exchange code system.