Python text based game room to room movement

I’m new to coding and working on a text based game moving from room to room. The code works in pycharm but according to an instant feedback program I entered it into, it gave some tips on it and I am not exactly sure how how to improve upon it. Here is what it gave me:

  1. The Great Hall string is a key in main dictionary. Revise code so it is not a key in main dictionary.
  2. It said it can not classify my code (not sure what that means) do I need a def main() command?
  3. Consolidate multiple print commands into one function
  4. Make condition simpler by using non-complex conditions. With simple operators that don’t look for a contain within the string
    5.Better practice to use while True: and the break reserved word to stop the loop when you require it to stop
rooms = {'Great Hall': {'name': 'Great Hall', 'South': 'Bedroom', 'North': 'Dungeon', 'West': 'Library', 'East': 'Kitchen'},
     'Bedroom': {'name': 'Bedroom', 'East': 'Cellar', 'North': 'Great Hall'},
     'Cellar': {'name': 'Cellar', 'West': 'Bedroom'},
     'Library': {'name': 'Library', 'East': 'Great Hall'},
     'Kitchen': {'name': 'Kitchen', 'West': 'Great Hall', 'North': 'Dining Room'},
     'Dining Room': {'name': 'Dining Room', 'South': 'Kitchen'},
     'Dungeon': {'name': 'Dungeon', 'South': 'Great Hall', 'East': 'Gallery'},
     'Gallery': {'name': 'Gallery', 'West': 'Dungeon'},
directions = ('North', 'South', 'East', 'West')
current_room = rooms('Great Hall')

# game loop
while True:
   # display current location
   print('You are in the {}.'.format(current_room('name')))

  # get user input
  command = input('nWhat direction do you want to go? ').strip()
  # movement
  if command in directions:
     if command in current_room:
         current_room = rooms(current_room(command))
        # bad movement
        print("You can't go that way.")
  # Exit game
  elif command.lower() in ('q', 'quit'):
  # bad command
     print("I don't understand that command.")