python – Trying to call a function but instead the program ends. Rock paper scissors

So I created this simple rock paper scissors games as one of my easy projects. I have only been coding for 4 days. So I know its not as beautiful as some other codes. I am trying to use “def” for the first time and I can’t get it to work. Any help is appreciated. Ive looked up different tutorials and they explained simple function like print”helloworld” . I tried placing the return in different areas of the code.

#Rock Paper Scissors

import random

from time import sleep

#list of choices the player can make
rps = ("rock", "paper", "scissors")
playerchoice = ""
compchoice = (random.choice(rps))
#how the computer chooses
def computerchoice():
    compchoice = (random.choice(rps))
#how the game winner is decided
def wincon():
    if playerchoice == compchoice:
        print("Its a tie! You both chose" + playerchoice + "!")
    elif playerchoice == "rock":
        if compchoice == "paper":
            print("Paper beats rock, you lose!")
        elif compchoice == "scissors":
            print("Rock beats paper, you win!")
    elif playerchoice == "paper":
        if compchoice == "rock":
            print("Paper beats rock, you win!")
        elif compchoice == "scissors":
            print("Scissors beats paper, you lose!")
    elif playerchoice == "scissors":
        if compchoice == "paper":
            print("Scissors beat paper, you win!")
        elif compchoice == "rock":
            print("Rock beats scissors, you lose!")
#playerchoice and compchoice comparison

#single game code
def singlegame():
    print("okay one game")
    rps_yesinlist = False
    while rps_yesinlist == False:
        playerchoice = input("you choose first: rock paper or scissors:").lower()
        if playerchoice in rps:
            rps_yesinlist = True
            return computerchoice()
            return wincon()

def multigame():
    #i need to write the code for multi

print("Welcome to rock paper scissors!")
print("In this game you will be playing rock paper scissorsnagainst a computer")
print("First you will need to decide whether you want to play one gamenor best of a certain amount of games.")
print("So what will it be one game or best of?")
one_ormulti = input("You can say one or best of:")

correctgamechoice = False
while correctgamechoice == False:

    if one_ormulti == "one":
        correctgamechoice = True
    elif one_ormulti == "best of":
        correctgamechoice = True
    elif correctgamechoice == False:
        one_ormulti = input("Lets try that again, one or best of:")