python – youtube-dl – print download progress in quiet mode

Hello I am using youtube-dl to download a video and I am using the silent option not to print the information in the terminal as follows:

import youtube-dl
import os

ydl_opts = {'outtmpl': os.path.join('caminho-para-salvar'), 'quiet': True}
video = 'minha-url'

with youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(ydl_opts) as ydl:

However, I want the download progress bar to appear, which is not the case in quiet mode:

(download) 100% of 532.63MiB

The following list of options is available in the YoutubeDl class. I couldn't find one that met this requirement:

Available options:

username:          Username for authentication purposes.
password:          Password for authentication purposes.
videopassword:     Password for accessing a video.
ap_mso:            Adobe Pass multiple-system operator identifier.
ap_username:       Multiple-system operator account username.
ap_password:       Multiple-system operator account password.
usenetrc:          Use netrc for authentication instead.
verbose:           Print additional info to stdout.
quiet:             Do not print messages to stdout.
no_warnings:       Do not print out anything for warnings.
forceurl:          Force printing final URL.
forcetitle:        Force printing title.
forceid:           Force printing ID.
forcethumbnail:    Force printing thumbnail URL.
forcedescription:  Force printing description.
forcefilename:     Force printing final filename.
forceduration:     Force printing duration.
forcejson:         Force printing info_dict as JSON.
dump_single_json:  Force printing the info_dict of the whole playlist
                   (or video) as a single JSON line.
simulate:          Do not download the video files.
format:            Video format code. See for more information.
outtmpl:           Template for output names.
restrictfilenames: Do not allow "&" and spaces in file names
ignoreerrors:      Do not stop on download errors.
force_generic_extractor: Force downloader to use the generic extractor
nooverwrites:      Prevent overwriting files.
playliststart:     Playlist item to start at.
playlistend:       Playlist item to end at.
playlist_items:    Specific indices of playlist to download.
playlistreverse:   Download playlist items in reverse order.
playlistrandom:    Download playlist items in random order.
matchtitle:        Download only matching titles.
rejecttitle:       Reject downloads for matching titles.
logger:            Log messages to a logging.Logger instance.
logtostderr:       Log messages to stderr instead of stdout.
writedescription:  Write the video description to a .description file
writeinfojson:     Write the video description to a .info.json file
writeannotations:  Write the video annotations to a .annotations.xml file
writethumbnail:    Write the thumbnail image to a file
write_all_thumbnails:  Write all thumbnail formats to files
writesubtitles:    Write the video subtitles to a file
writeautomaticsub: Write the automatically generated subtitles to a file
allsubtitles:      Downloads all the subtitles of the video
                   (requires writesubtitles or writeautomaticsub)
listsubtitles:     Lists all available subtitles for the video
subtitlesformat:   The format code for subtitles
subtitleslangs:    List of languages of the subtitles to download
keepvideo:         Keep the video file after post-processing
daterange:         A DateRange object, download only if the upload_date is in the range.
skip_download:     Skip the actual download of the video file
cachedir:          Location of the cache files in the filesystem.
                   False to disable filesystem cache.
noplaylist:        Download single video instead of a playlist if in doubt.
age_limit:         An integer representing the user's age in years.
                   Unsuitable videos for the given age are skipped.
min_views:         An integer representing the minimum view count the video
                   must have in order to not be skipped.
                   Videos without view count information are always
                   downloaded. None for no limit.
max_views:         An integer representing the maximum view count.
                   Videos that are more popular than that are not
                   Videos without view count information are always
                   downloaded. None for no limit.
download_archive:  File name of a file where all downloads are recorded.
                   Videos already present in the file are not downloaded
cookiefile:        File name where cookies should be read from and dumped to.
nocheckcertificate:Do not verify SSL certificates
prefer_insecure:   Use HTTP instead of HTTPS to retrieve information.
                   At the moment, this is only supported by YouTube.
proxy:             URL of the proxy server to use
geo_verification_proxy:  URL of the proxy to use for IP address verification
                   on geo-restricted sites.
socket_timeout:    Time to wait for unresponsive hosts, in seconds
bidi_workaround:   Work around buggy terminals without bidirectional text
                   support, using fridibi
debug_printtraffic:Print out sent and received HTTP traffic
include_ads:       Download ads as well
default_search:    Prepend this string if an input url is not valid.
                   'auto' for elaborate guessing
encoding:          Use this encoding instead of the system-specified.
extract_flat:      Do not resolve URLs, return the immediate result.
                   Pass in 'in_playlist' to only show this behavior for
                   playlist items.
postprocessors:    A list of dictionaries, each with an entry
                   * key:  The name of the postprocessor. See
                           youtube_dl/postprocessor/ for a list.
                   as well as any further keyword arguments for the
progress_hooks:    A list of functions that get called on download
                   progress, with a dictionary with the entries
                   * status: One of "downloading", "error", or "finished".
                             Check this first and ignore unknown values.

                   If status is one of "downloading", or "finished", the
                   following properties may also be present:
                   * filename: The final filename (always present)
                   * tmpfilename: The filename we're currently writing to
                   * downloaded_bytes: Bytes on disk
                   * total_bytes: Size of the whole file, None if unknown
                   * total_bytes_estimate: Guess of the eventual file size,
                                           None if unavailable.
                   * elapsed: The number of seconds since download started.
                   * eta: The estimated time in seconds, None if unknown
                   * speed: The download speed in bytes/second, None if
                   * fragment_index: The counter of the currently
                                     downloaded video fragment.
                   * fragment_count: The number of fragments (= individual
                                     files that will be merged)

                   Progress hooks are guaranteed to be called at least once
                   (with status "finished") if the download is successful.
merge_output_format: Extension to use when merging formats.
fixup:             Automatically correct known faults of the file.
                   One of:
                   - "never": do nothing
                   - "warn": only emit a warning
                   - "detect_or_warn": check whether we can do anything
                                       about it, warn otherwise (default)
source_address:    Client-side IP address to bind to.
call_home:         Boolean, true iff we are allowed to contact the
                   youtube-dl servers for debugging.
sleep_interval:    Number of seconds to sleep before each download when
                   used alone or a lower bound of a range for randomized
                   sleep before each download (minimum possible number
                   of seconds to sleep) when used along with
max_sleep_interval:Upper bound of a range for randomized sleep before each
                   download (maximum possible number of seconds to sleep).
                   Must only be used along with sleep_interval.
                   Actual sleep time will be a random float from range
                   (sleep_interval; max_sleep_interval).
listformats:       Print an overview of available video formats and exit.
list_thumbnails:   Print a table of all thumbnails and exit.
match_filter:      A function that gets called with the info_dict of
                   every video.
                   If it returns a message, the video is ignored.
                   If it returns None, the video is downloaded.
                   match_filter_func in is one example for this.
no_color:          Do not emit color codes in output.
geo_bypass:        Bypass geographic restriction via faking X-Forwarded-For
                   HTTP header
                   Two-letter ISO 3166-2 country code that will be used for
                   explicit geographic restriction bypassing via faking
                   X-Forwarded-For HTTP header
                   IP range in CIDR notation that will be used similarly to

The following options determine which downloader is picked:
external_downloader: Executable of the external downloader to call.
                   None or unset for standard (built-in) downloader.
hls_prefer_native: Use the native HLS downloader instead of ffmpeg/avconv
                   if True, otherwise use ffmpeg/avconv if False, otherwise
                   use downloader suggested by extractor if None.

The following parameters are not used by YoutubeDL itself, they are used by
the downloader (see youtube_dl/downloader/
nopart, updatetime, buffersize, ratelimit, min_filesize, max_filesize, test,
noresizebuffer, retries, continuedl, noprogress, consoletitle,
xattr_set_filesize, external_downloader_args, hls_use_mpegts,

The following options are used by the post processors:
prefer_ffmpeg:     If False, use avconv instead of ffmpeg if both are available,
                   otherwise prefer ffmpeg.
ffmpeg_location:   Location of the ffmpeg/avconv binary; either the path
                   to the binary or its containing directory.
postprocessor_args: A list of additional command-line arguments for the

The following options are used by the Youtube extractor:
youtube_include_dash_manifest: If True (default), DASH manifests and related
                    data will be downloaded and processed by extractor.
                    You can reduce network I/O by disabling it if you don't
                    care about DASH.

Is there a way to do this by passing parameters?

Thank you!