Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet Exchange Privacy Chat

Quarashi wallet is the #1 all in one crypto wallet that allows you to secure, manage, and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, AAVE, Compound, Tether, and many more. Easy to use wallet, highly secure, and puts you in control of your wealth.

Quarashi is a Multi Crypto wallet, Crypto Exchange, and offers a decentralized Chat module.

Quarashi Network is a multi currency crypto wallet, next-generation platform for your cryptocurrency journey with Decentralized Blockchain UI Multi chain crypto wallet, Decentralized exchange, and privacy chat. Manage your wealth in a blockchain wallet that secures your assets and provides you complete control over them.

Security is a major concern in the cryptocurrency era and a secure crypto wallet is certain. In our network, your assets, private keys, and funds are directly stored in the blockchain.

What you can do with Quarashi multi cryptocurrency wallet?

– With Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet you can swap: (ERC-20) Top 100 Crypto with Quarashi Token:
– Safely store and hold Top 100 Cryptocurrencies
– Send/Receive Ethereum/Tokens
– See and analyze price graphics per 24 h/week/month/year
– Verification Transaction Hash
– Sending Gas Limit Chooser
– Receive Notification

Why Quarashi Network?

You might have questioned why Quarashi is the best crypto wallet as there are various crypto wallets available. Quarashi decentralized crypto wallet network contains three main features that would definitely please you:

1. Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Solution
This is the main feature of this secure wallet app and allows users to safely manage, send and receive cryptocurrencies, exchange quarashi with top 100 cryptos, and buy crypto using visa/MasterCard secure. Again, there’s a concern about security and privacy. Quarashi never holds your assets as they are stored directly into the blockchain.

2. Quarashi Chat
Quarashi network offers you a decentralized chat module, 100% anonymous, 100% privacy with no backups, and 100% encrypted. Unlike other apps, security and privacy is our top priority, so be sure your data is always protected.

Powerful Capabilities:
Analyze your Asset with Price Graphics
Track your cryptocurrencies portfolio with price graphics and analysis charts that update in real-time to keep up with the fast-moving market.

Send and Receive Crypto Digital Currency
Need to send or receive Ethereum? Send and receive of top 100 Crypto with the touch of a button using text address or QR codes.

Download via Playstore:

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