r – Running multiple unpaired wilcoxon tests at once

I’m new to R, migrating from SPSS for my basic stats needs…
I’m doing a review of patient outcomes across different clinical trials
for 28 trials, ive collected binary variables (e.g. “approved_drug” “published_after_2010”, “sample_>100”, and continuous variables (e.g. “median_survival” “response_rate%”) for each.
The data imports okay and i can run wilcoxon tests to compare medians one by one – e.g. “median survival” based on whether “approved_drug” is true/false.

I was wondering if there was code to run multiple wilcoxon tests with the same dependent variable (e.g. “median_survival”) and all the independent (binary) variables (e.g. “published_after_2010”, “sample_>100”, “approved_drug”) at the same time.
Ideally i’d like the output to also show the medians of the respective subgroups too.

I hope i’ve articulated that okay. Thanks in advance for your time.