raid – Expanding a partition to another drive

I don’t know how to extend C Drive (in my SSD: 256GB) to my HDD (1TB), Is there a good way? I know in some IOs it will make my speed equal to HDD (in those which gonna be written on HDD obviously but, if it decreases all IO speed to HDD tell it to me) I attempt to search for “making a partition in another drive and append it” but I got no good results on the internet over how to do it, also I don’t know much about RAIDs I feel maybe they have a solution for me but they are “wipe them all first” actions and that makes me worried to take any action, also I do not have a backup or storage to back up into. so don’t tell me to back up and do action x also I’m a noob in StackExchange if I’m in a wrong place, please tell me