raspberry pi – Remote SSH connection to the Raspibolt Lightning network node

For your specific setup we would need more information to fix problems. Here are some common troubleshooting steps in the network –

Start at the lowest level

RPIs are enabled by default with SSH, that's the last time I've checked. This is just one step of the medical exam.

First, make sure the Raspberry Pi SSH connections (you already mentioned this for brevity) from your local network.

From another machine on the the same local network as the RPI

$ curl -v {{Enter your local IP here}: 22

This indicates if the port is open. If this is the case, you should see something along the lines of * Recv Error: Peer connection reset, If the port is not open, the error should be from the top in the direction of failed: connection refused,

In the first case, your server answered on 22 but did not accept the connection (because it is a curl and not an SSH attempt)

If this succeeds, you can of course conduct an SSH attempt to verify that you have access.

$ ssh {{user}} @ {{local IP}}

Move outside the network

Since you were able to access SSH locally (if it does not, it is irrelevant) to take the next step, disconnect from your WLAN or local area network, and then set router / firewall settings to test.

For example, you can do this by connecting to your phone's Internet connection and entering the same commands as above. The IP address in the local network is replaced by your external IP address. You can get your external IP address by selecting "What is my IP"?

Finally, repeat the steps above to first test if the port responds, and then test to see if the connection is allowed.

As you mentioned earlier, the main culprit does not forward any ports on the router. In addition, you need to set up your lnd.conf to listen to them externalip You must also instruct the RPC service or the REST service to also monitor this external IP address, unless you are using something more advanced, such as a reverse proxy.