raw – Which cameras support DNG natively?

I know this is a rather old topic but not any more obsolete than 10 years ago and I can share an answer not directly given here, that is still maintained in 2021 and continuing.

Not obvious at the first sight but behind the Adobe link shared earlier one can find a continuously maintained list of cameras supported by Adobe’s camera raw plugin (not asked here), with extensions (~formats), listing “DNG” for cameras having native DNG:

BTW, I bumped into this topic as I was checking if any more SLR cameras supporting DNG by now. Unfortunately not really, Nicanon still not an option for me. I have >100k DNGs from Pentax SLRs, DJI drones, GoPros, phones, and don’t want to switch to using manufacturer’s proprietary formats and converting between formats (=ending having several versions of the same photo) when the same DNG has been my end-to-end (shoot-transport-edit-view-store) format for all the devices, 90-95% of photos I never convert to anything else (the missing 5-10% would be JPEGs for sharing etc). Yes I know DNG doesn’t guarantee a camera storing sensor data 1:1 (does a proprietary format?) but I don’t really care if someone can find differences with a hex editor, pretty damn good for all my needs. Nothing against proprietary formats, I’m just lazy:) And this babble was just to point out to non-DNG-ers why this question was and is relevant.