reactjs – Where should I put/handle periodic data updates in React?

I’m following the guide in which makes sense for data that I request and update on a filter.

However, I want to have some sort of general synchronization job in the background that polls and updates an SQLite database periodically.

The question I have is if the SQLite database has detected that there was an update, how do I signal to a list component that it needs to refresh itself?


I am thinking if it was in a context it will trigger a re-render of every component underneath it which may be problematic if I have something like a data entry form since a re-render will cause my focus to be lost

In vue land we have emit to emit custom events, but I don’t see anything like that in the API guide for React

Another approach I was thinking of was to useReducer, but it didn’t pan out on the context because it will also cause a re-render just like useState

Then I thought of having the reducer on the filtered table component but then I don’t know how to trigger it from the context.