Reasons Why People Delete Their Facebook Accounts

I deleted my Facebook account and feel IMMEDIATELY better. Is this normal?

Yes, congress! you did right thing for yourself.

I’ve not delete my account. but i don’t login anymore. i’ve unstall fb app from my mobile. i feel so good. i’ve started to to some house work. and reading books. and sometime watching ted talks on youtube. i think i become more productibe after unstall fb app. my realization that fb just a time killer nother else. you might think that you can connect with frnd easly through fb and get so many thing to entartain you. but if you want to get entartain yourself use other source not fb and so many app is there where you can connected with frnd. i am using whatss app for get in touch with my frnd.

sometime i was just scrolling my timline without seeing notheing .it’s called thing i understood that most of the people shoowed fake happyness in fb. my opinion fb totaly a dust.


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