Recommendation – D & D 5e alternatives [on hold]

Some friends and I have been playing D & D 5e for a while now. (which I now only call myself DD)
At the moment, I'm just playing, and although I like it a lot, lately, I've been thinking about mastering a new campaign.
Once I started the design, I realized that I would make changes to the system to suit my needs. And then I would spend a lot of time balancing things to accommodate those changes.

I thought it was worth asking for recommendations for other systems that might already be in line with the changes I made, rather than changing DD.

I will list the changes that I would make to DD, and hopefully some of you can tell me if you know a system that fits.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  1. Increase the starting HP and drastically lower the HP gained per level. Therefore, I would less likely to die too fast at lower levels and still make the fight at higher levels dangerous. Also, fights generally want to make shorter. Nobody can really take much damage and still walk.

  2. The focus is on RP about mechanics. So great acting, descriptions and character interpretation and interaction (even in combat) rewarded. So I've been thinking about how to improve inspiration into something that you can stack more often and use based on those criteria.

  3. The setting will be of medieval high imagination. With a tighter than usual access to magic and really rare powder.

  4. Armor absorbs some damage.

  5. The weapon selection has a little more weight in the combat results. Just enough to arouse an interest, maybe to carry two or three weapons instead of just one, so you have options if necessary.

I think that sums it up.

I do not want a system that is somehow "complex" like the Pathfinder tho. I would definitely change DD and do something like a Boy Scout, for my players and I have a less regular system.

Ps. I'm not the biggest fan of randomness (even if I understand its value and use) in character creation or check-roll in general. So if the system is less random than DD, that's a plus.