recovery – How to restore a MySQL InnoDB with ONLY .ibd files?

I had a Bitnami Joomla! stack running on a computer that suddenly kicked the bucket. I had neglected to make a back-up before this happened so I do not have any dumps or backed up files, but was able to save the directory and everything in it when I recovered its hard drive. I was a fool and wiped the recovered drive after removing the files I wanted to keep, so I can’t go back to get anything else….

I’ve been trying to recover the tables (76 in total) into a live MySQL installation to get access to them, create a back up and import them into a fresh stack to restore my site. I have saved every .ibd in the database’s folder, along with ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, ibdata1, mysql.ibd, binlog.index, etc. My installation never had a .frm file that so many posts mention having, and it never did even when it was live. I do not know the tables’ structures in order to replace them one by one, and Joomla’s documentation on them is apparently outdated.

My installation used MySQL 8.0.21, running under Windows 10. I would really appreciate help to solve this issue. I’ve looked for tutorials on how to fix my issues, but they were either for prior versions of MySQL (which I am unfamiliar with compatibility) or required a back-up or that .frm file (which I don’t have). Additionally, I compared my saved directory with a fresh install of the same stack installer 3.9.22-0, and the base install did not have a .frm file from what I remember. I tried importing the raw .ibd files through phpMyAdmin and had no luck there either.

I can offer more details if necessary. Thank you for any help you can offer me!