recovery mode – HTC one infinite reboot. How to turn off bluetooth from adb?

This is my first question here…

My problem is similar to the one explained here:

HTC. infinite reboot. How to turn off bluetooth from adb? HTC one rebooting continuously due to bluetooth. So I need to turn bluetooth off from adb or other.
I don’t have any experience with adb/fastboot nor with recovery mode. I have a Mac with Android Studio installed (including SDK and adb+fastboot). (I’m only starting to learn “android programming”).

I would like to try the commands posted in the above link to solve my issue but I have some problems:

I can access the recovery menu from the bootloader but it's missing the "APPLY UPDATE FROM ADB" option (I have the options to apply from sd card, phone storage and cache, and those to wipe cache and factory reset)
on my terminal, when I launch "adb devices" command my phone is not listed.

Do you think I have any chance to fix this problem ? I’d like to avoid factory resetting my phone.

Any help/guidance on how to operate would be very much appreciated. Thanks !