Recurrent issue Integrated webcam is used by another application

I am having issue with my webcam it stops working randomly for indefinite time, these issue first occurred to me year ago after that I have reinstalled windows one time but these issue comes up occasionally.

Things I did,

  • Applications have proper access to webcam meaning proper privacy settings Windows 10.
  • Disabling/Uninstalling device doesn’t work.
  • I used procexp.exe of sys internals to search for Physical Device Object Name, Driver Files but doesn’t get any results in search
  • I followed steps in this article using procexp.exe to search for #vid but only results came up are of type Symbolic Link having handle name similar to Device Instance Path and have prefix like this
    GLOBAL??USB#VID_ and all of them are under System process.


  • Is it normal to have Symbolic link attached to Device handle?
  • What is blocking my webcam?
  • Does symbolic links I found in search are malicious?