Reference request: Learning runtime analysis (Complete material)

I am very curious about learning runtime analysis more than just what MIT courseware provides (The course with Erik Demaine 6.006) And what CLRS offers, which is a nice explanation about asymptotic notations, and the master theorem (+ its proof). The book I have (which is a guide to CLRS) also provides a little bit of the Akra-Bazzi method.

I would like to learn more about this topic, all the way down to its core, and more methods (other than the iterations method, master theorem and all other methods CLRS provides) to compute the runtime, and would also contain some known exercises (or even bizarre ones).

If you have a good resource (Preferably an open-free PDF book) that would be amazing!

The resources I have now, read/watched:

  • CLRS (Second edition) I know there is a third edition, but they did not add anything to runtime analysis

  • Guide to CLRS (It is not an open book, I have a hard cover) which contain a really really small paragraph about Akra-Bazzi

  • MIT courseware 6.006 Into to Algorithms (Erik Demaine & Srini Devades) youtube playlist (The part about runtime + other videos I found interesting)

  • MIT courseware 6.006 Into to Algorithms Class notes and questions

I tried to look up on the internet but this topic is like a ghost, I cannot find a PDF book about this, in a complete version (About all the stuff there is to know about runtime analysis, just like there is a complete book for number theory or calculus for example..)

(1) By complete I don’t mean 100% of-course, just so it would be a wide book on this specific topic, and deeper explanations.

Thank you for reading, and suggesting!