reference request – “Old-Fashioned” O-level Maths Book

I’m looking for recommendations for an “old-fashioned” style of maths textbook for O-level/GCSE, i.e., one which is concise (not full of pictures) with plenty of exercises. Ideally something which is available in PDF format online. I don’t necessarily mean an old book, more a book written in a style which is typical of the early 20th century or earlier. (For instance, Gwynne’s Latin is a modern book for learning Latin which I would consider to fall under this category.)

I am quite fond of this one which I own a physical copy of, but am struggling to find anywhere online in PDF format.

Also I would appreciate if it is just one book rather than many volumes. A lot of maths textbooks made for school come in many volumes with titles like “School Maths 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B”, etc.