Reinstalled Windows 10 on Asus x205t laptop—touchpad, keyboard, and audio don’t work and aren’t recognized

I had major issues with this Asus X205T laptop several months ago after a Windows 10 update. It wouldn’t boot up properly anymore. So, I thought it was a good time to wipe the drive and install a Linux distro. Unfortunately, Linux doesn’t play well with this computer. So, I just re-installed Windows 10 (32 bit).

In order to complete the install I had to plug in an external usb keyboard and a mouse.

So, the usb ports, wifi, and webcam are working (as are most things, as far as I can tell).

However, the built-in touchpad, keyboard, and speakers do not work.

I can use a keyboard and mouse if I plug them into the usb ports. I cannot use the audio, even if I plug in headphones.

These items don’t even show up in any way, anywhere that I can (checked in settings, as well as device manager).

I have run all the updates.

I tried downloading drivers from Asus but ran into problems.

The “Audio Realtek” driver ran through the installation process that was included in the download, but after restarting the computer, nothing had changed.

The “SmartGesture” driver (which I assume is for the touchpad) wouldn’t do anything at all.

How can I get the touchpad, keyboard, and audio working?