Render the comment form after an error message

I have a template (node ​​- een-voorwerp-schatten.html.twig) that represents nodes.

One of the variables represents a comment field ({{}} Content.field_doe_een_schatting), where visitors can enter a value.

The comment values ​​are rendered in a view with Twig Tweak in the same template {{drupal_view (& # 39; schattingen_per_item & # 39;}}}

Everything turns out well. If a visitor enters a value after submission, the return page is the same and you can enter a second value if desired.

If an error occurs, the error message is displayed on the validation page. On this new page, the comment form and the view in which the comments appear are no longer displayed. All other fields are still there. A new comment form will be displayed at the bottom of the page. I can not understand why this happens because exactly the same template is used (node ​​- een-voorwerp-schatten.htm.twig).

The redirect page is / drupal / comment / reply / node / NID / field_doe_een_schatting.
The new comment form at the bottom of the page is represented by the form template instead of the comment template.

Does anyone know what happens and how I can display the comment form in its original location?