replacement – How to define an index list of local variables for arbitrarily long

Suppose initially I have a list that looks like

list1 = {A, B, C}

where the elements A, B, C are all matrices. I want to substitute all the three elements by list1 itself

list2 = ReplacePart[list1, {i_} -> list1]

which gives me something that looks like

list2 = {{A, B, C}, {A, B, C}, {A, B, C}}

And then, I want to do this another time, substitute all elements in list2 by list1, then I say

list3 = ReplacePart[list2, {i_, j_} -> list1]

Eventually, suppose I want to do this for 10 times. At the end of the day, I have to write a list of 10 local variables

{i_, j_, k_, l_, m_, n_, ...}

My question is, how to define the index list of local variables as arbitrarily long? So that I can just tell Mathematica the length of the list and I don’t have to write them out explicitly.

Thank you so much!