REST API /products endpoint does not return all products

I’m trying to list all products via the REST API. I have 1195 products in my store, but the API is consistently only returning 849 of them, and it’s the same ones that are left out every time.

My requests look like this:`

(Repeated for all subsequent pages, of course.)

I have tried specifying lists of SKUS and using a filter group with the in operator, rather than just leaving it unspecified, but the same products are still missing from the result.

However, if I query for the missing products individually (i.e. /rest/V1/products/123) it works no problem.

I’ve looked over the products that are being left out to try and determine whether there’s some feature common to them that might be causing them to be left out, but I can’t find anything. Some are enabled and some are disabled, some are in stock and some are out of stock, they’re attached to various different categories, etc.

Has anybody else ever run into an issue like this? I’m on Magento 2.3.6, for reference.