restore – SQL Server: Insufficient system memory in resource pool ‘default’ when creating a database from mdf/ldf

I’ve been struggling to import a database backup I have been given into my local SQL Server environment. In Server Management studio (v18.6) I am attempting to run the following query:

Create database mydbname
For attach;

(These files are not large, 4mb and 2mb respectively).

This is the error message I am getting:

Msg 1813, Level 16, State 2, Line 1 Could not open new database
‘mydbname’. CREATE DATABASE is aborted. Msg 701, Level 17, State 192,
Line 1 There is insufficient system memory in resource pool ‘default’
to run this query.

I have 32GB of RAM, my “Maximum Server Memory” setting is 16000. (Windows 10 Pro, version 20H2).

If I open the properties dialog of Management > Resource Governer > Resource Pools > System Resource Pools > default, the settings are as follows:

Workload groups for resource pool: Memory Grant % = 25
External resource pools: Maximum Memory % = 50

I tried various different values here to no effect. Looking around for others who have reported this error message hasn’t turned up anything very helpful.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.