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RevenueLab Unboxing – big party, reward reward and draw the grand prize – as it were

Dear partners, the 8th of November was a big day – the party went brilliantly!

We looked forward to meeting our dear partners, friends and all who work side by side with us to not just hang out, but to make this day fantastic and memorable for all.

The number of guests was more than we expected – the event visited more than 300 people! Among them were our dear publishers, the advertisers, the main sponsors, top casino representatives, international partners and many others.

The party program impressed everyone – light show, flashmobs with surprises, beautiful girls and the main part – the award ceremony. We have awarded all Apple and Sumsung devices to the leading publishers – each of them has received the gifts.

But the hit of the night was the big surprise, which remained a mystery to all for the exact award. With strong applause and solemn ceremony, the lucky publisher won the Antarctic certificate.

The headliner of the night-talented singer and composer MONATIk rock the ceremony with his best songs and let the guests go crazy.

We are very grateful to all who attended our big party, we are grateful to all who made this night so fantastic. We value our partners, sponsors, publishers – all.

RevenueLab is proud to announce the Unboxing Party – the best gambling party of the year.