Review my short post please

Hi, I’m trying to be an article writer for online content mills. I applied to a few places and was rejected. I wasn’t able to ask them for any feedback so if anybody can give me a harsh and honest review as to what am I doing wrong. What I need to work on and any honest feedback would be much appreciated. Feel like giving up, but if I know what I need to work on then I have an opportunity to work hard to improve and have some success where I have only failed right now.

To anybody willing to give me feedback, I very much appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to help a stranger. Thanks again. The red text is the assignment and the black text is my work.

Prompt #1 (*)
Please write 200 words in English on the following topic:
Please tell us about yourself and why you would like to write for iWriter.

How do you go about sharing the meaning of life with the world? A few months ago over coffee, I discovered it. No longer was I interested in the meaningless tasks from the day job. What was I doing with this gift of life? Wasting it, was what I was doing! I had asked myself what I wanted to do with my life so many times but never found the answer.

Then it came to me, creating value for clients through writing. Graduating with a bachelor’s in business administration helped me finally to feel prepared. I was ready to pursue a life of following my passion. I want to create unique articles, tell stories, and let my writing speak for itself.

You see the meaning of life is you get to pick what mark you leave on this world during your lifetime. You can continue a meaningless job to pay the bills, or you can try something that you love to do. My name is Lance and I am a writer looking to bring you value through my content. I am hungry to learn, to get better, and to grow. My impact here at Writer will be to bring clients content quickly that is professional. I look forward to beginning this new adventure, thank you.

Prompt #2 (*)
This a test of your research ability. Please write 200 words in English on the following topic:
What is the #1 way a company can be successful with social media marketing?
Please note: Your article must be 100% original content. Your application will be immediately rejected if plagiarism is detected by Copyscape.

Get more out of social media marketing. How you put it all together with good messaging is key for success. Six things to consider.

Know your messaging audience. Focus the messaging points around the wants and needs of your viewer. Make the most impact with your audience.

Define your Goals. What does success mean? Is it getting the sale? Is it creating a positive perception of the company? Knowing the goal is key to create messaging that reaches the audience.

Deliver your messaging. Funny or silly content will be more impactful. Get out the message on the platforms that have the best reach for your audience.

Engage in the conversation with your audience. Interact with them and answer their questions. Give your audience a positive interaction they will remember.

Expand your reach with partnership deals or new platforms. Now that you have the right messaging, ask the audience to share posts.

Edit out and Repeat. Cut out parts that don’t work while expanding on the successes. Continue to repeat and reach your audience.

Reaching your audience on social media requires more effort than ever before. Taking the time to create a good message will allow a greater level of impact. Refine your message today to grab success.