Review the exhibition of Blackmores In china

The first action plan before Double Eleven
1. A clear understading of the timeline of Double Eleven and arrange corresponding operations according to the timline.

Business registration: 04/09/-07/09

·check the registration review results

·set up a Double Eleven shooping allowance

·signing freight insurance

·sign other agreements related to Double Eleven

Commodity registration: 05/10-26/10

Event warm-up: 01/11-10/11

Official event: 11/11

2. Determine the main products, products for soecial activities and auxiliary products according to product data, market trends, and product prices, etc.

3. Determine the advertising language, activity rules, decoration style, etc. Conceive the atmosphere and requirements to be created in advance. Check the advertising language, cannot use absolute terms in violation of the advertising law; do not use unauthorized brand words.

4. It can be promoted through popular platforms such as Douyin and Weibo. Internet influences are also other choice to promote, which can greatly reduce advertising costs.

4.2The second action planduring Double Eleven
The Double Eleven Shopping Festival Gala was also impressive interactive entertainment. ‘The gala is a blobal carnival, a world-class show that engages the audience throughout th event and touches like you’ve never experienced before,’ said by marketing officer of Alibaba Group. Nowadays, the Double Eleven gala not only invites internet influences to broadcast live to promote products, but also invites celebrities to perform. Lotteries and deep discounts are very attractive for people to spend. Shopping malls in major cities will also provide venues for the live broadcast of the Double Eleven gala, those who cannot attend the event can also feel the atomosphere of the gala. Within the influence of Double Eleven gala, major TV stations have also cooperated with Alibaba, and celebrities effect can bring high ratings. Advertising space between programs is highly competitive and expensive, high quality and engaging ads can be produced. With the powerful influence of the gala in China, a brand representative of Blackmores to the Double Eleven gala to speak about future plans and products, and promote the brand with the help of strong advertising.