rollback – Deep freeze for linux. Kind of reverting to a previos snapshot beeing a phisical machine

I work in an enviroment with a lot of Linux Servers and a few Windows servers.
When we perfom some changes in the Windows ones it is very easy to go back to the original state using “Deep Freeze” software.

In the Linux servers if it is a VM we have the same result as before using Snapshots. It is very easy go back to the previous state of the server by going back with the snapshot.

Here is my problem… with phisical machines we use parcial solutions as yum history undo, rollback copy in the original folder the backups done previous to the patching, intallation, deploiment, activities.
We don´t have the garantee 100% of leaving the server as it was before the change made on it.

With Windows Servers (Deep Freeze) or Linux VMs (Snapshot) we are complete calmed since we can always go back to the original position.

With phisical hosts/servers we always are very nervous. Servers are critical

Is there any software Deep Freeze equivalent for Linux RHEL or any set of good practices to achieve the “go back” without beening scared when it comes to phisical machines?