Router as a SSTP VPN client

I would like to connect one office (let’s call it HQ) to another (Field office) via VPN so that all users from the field office will have access to HQ network. HQ has already the possibility to be connected via VPN (SSTP). Right now individual users are connecting to HQ VPN but I would like to change it in that way, that’s whole Field Office would be connected to HQ.
From what I have found, it could be done with the usage of the router that has the option to be a VPN client – to be specific SSTP VPN client. From what I have found, only Mikrotik is allowing so.
My question would be, which Mikrotik router (or maybe another company as well) would be best allow Field Office to connect to SSTP VPN. In the Field office, there are around 8 computers.