RPG – How can my new character not be a role play for the party?

I play online with a friend and some of his friends. Here are some key background facts to my questions: Recently, a member of our party (neutral) (ab) used his position of power in the nobility to arrest and execute a racist farmer who lived next to MajorCity after the farmer refused to help us to accommodate in a time of need. To cut out a whole story, a week or two later, the party opened a portal about MajorCity, which flooded the place with demons and evil spirits and caused a mass evacuation of the city.

I was not very happy with the actions of the other players, even though they feel that their characters had good reasons for all of this, including the ignorance that their actions would open the portal (which is somehow true).

Shortly thereafter my character died in a particularly difficult encounter and the DM let me open a new one so that I could attend the party in the next town. Between sessions, I created a character who is the son of the peasant who was recently orphaned and seeks revenge. My idea for this character is that the party can make up for their actions. I have set up several ways in which the party can "redeem itself" and ovoid conflicts.

BUT at the same time I do not want to create a role playing handicap for the party. I have asked some of the members privately and not all of them like my character ideas (especially one of the members whose actions lead directly to the opening of the portal), but others have expressed great excitement about my new character.
I've tried to talk about my concerns, but I have not yet managed to reach it. So I thought to jump here and ask all of you.

How can I bypass the role play of a handicap?

(I'm happy to answer specific questions about my char, the environment or the group.)