Running Angry Birds 2 on my iPads

I have two iPads laying around, and I would like to play Angry Birds on them. I realize that Angry Birds 2 is likely an inferior offering filled with dark patterns and ads, but I don’t seem to have much choice so here we go.

One of the devices is iPad mini MD537E/A. It says it is on 9.3.6. Says it’s the latest one for that device. App Store will only install some old version of Angry Birds 2, which will display splash screen, ask to log into gaming center (or whatever) and then tell me that I have to upgrade to newer version. Newer version needs iOS 10.0+. I guess this device is too old and it’s end of story here?

The other one is iPad Pro 12,9″ 2nd-gen MP6G2RU/A. It is on 14.4, which makes it look like a better prospect. However, this one performs even worse: it will start a splash screen, offer me to log in to gaming center, and then nothing happens. Splash screen just stays here. It never goes further.

This iPad previously belonged to a relative and sometimes it pops up a prompt to login into the old account, despite being more or less moved to a new one. Maybe it affects the outcome somehow.

What do I do? How do I actually get some of these devices to play Angry Birds for my daughter?