safari – How come Automator can’t find images on sites like this:?

The webpage doesn’t contain the images directly, but rather some JavaScript that the browser runs. This code makes an API request for a new page, containing links to images. The code on the first webpage then reads the links to images from the second page and outputs markup to the browser containing these images.

Automator downloads the first page and looks at it for images, finding none. It doesn’t execute JavaScript and make additional requests like the browser. You can’t use Automator’s ‘Save Images from Web Content’ with this webpage for that reason.

If you want to programmatically download content from this website, use its API. Use the web inspector to inspect the requests that the webpage makes, then make the request yourself and parse the output (e.g. jq to parse JSON from your linked website’s API), downloading URLs found (with Automator or other scripting language).