safety – Drive US to Mexico and walk back (2021-Feb)

Husband and I need to drop off a (Mexican titled) car in Mexico because it’s not worth it to re-title here and his family can use it in Mexico.

It was his vehicle since before he got his permanent residency in the USA. We live 14 hours away. So we’re planning to drive down separate, and drive back together. El Paso/Juarez is the crossover point where his family will meet us on Mexican side. I understand that they can’t come to US side too get it because of covid travel restrictions.

This is not a vacation/tourism/social trip, so I don’t need to hear I’m some bad apple for wanting to travel while we’re all supposed to be cowering under a blanked because of covid-19. I don’t plan to spend a second longer than we have to to drop it off and come back.

We plan to bring food/water and sleep in the car at a rest stop on the way down so we don’t touch any hotels. Maybe only…. compact… food so we don’t need to sit on any toilets. (Both guys)

Should we leave the US car in the USA and drive the Mexican car in and walk back across the bridge? (From an insurance or other perspective)

I know they’re too corrupt to permit peaceful everyday people from having a defensive firearm, so What forms of self defense are permitted in Mexico I’m at increased risk of being targeted because of my US citizenship, and we’re gay.

Is any of the quarantine stuff today being physically forced by the government. i.e. they lock you in a USCIS cell for 2 weeks or USCIS-appointed motel room at the border? Or is it sufficient that we quarantine at home under our own control?