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For a limited time, we deliver high quality, low prices, solid performance, and servers that require a great deal of resources. Up to 92% off Docker-enabled, highly flexible KVM servers.

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We compare ourselves with the big players – and come to the top. We have recently compiled a comparison of SSD node values ​​with some of the largest VPS players on the market: Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr.…ode-ssd-nodes/

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Tutorial: Using Two-Factor Authentication to Protect SSH Logins…ct-ssh-logins/

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Learn more about us below:

SSD node from Strasmore

About SSD Nodes: SSD Node is an SSD hosting provider that actually listens. We provide simple, reliable, high performance cloud computing with truly personal support, live upgrades, and incredible speed to grow and deliver a great experience. We're designed for developers, startups and small businesses looking for a secure and scalable hosting solution that can be deployed quickly.

We are considered industry leaders in hybrid computing strategies and solutions, providing an enormous dynamic platform where our customers can rapidly innovate and deploy applications on a global scale. Our world-class data centers have multiple levels of physical and operational security to ensure the security and integrity of each customer's data. The towering network has 8 x Tier 1 NSPs (12 x NSPs in total) with network capacity in excess of 2,000 Gbps. Our goal is to be your home for high-quality, flexible and scalable cloud computing to grow.


Why SSD nodes?

AMAZING support
Friendly engineers
Really personal support
Upgrades without downtime

The latest Intel processors
Enterprise-class SSDs for high-performance and data-intensive applications
RAID 10 configuration for speed and reliability

12 network providers (8x Tier 1)
2,000 Gbps + network
Special 1-10 GigE ports


14-day risk-free reimbursement:

Refunds without difficulty will be made within 14 days of order and are limited to monthly and yearly billing cycles. Prerequisite for the qualification is that the terms of use were not violated and no more than 10 percent of the bandwidth was used. Refunds are not available for hourly billing cycles.


We build long-term relationships with our customers. Read our reviews and find out why our customers and their companies rely on SSD nodes as cloud providers!

1)…24894262923264 (Customer for 3 years)

2)…d-nodes-rocks/ (client for 3 years)