samsung – Can we use Odin/Heimdall to emulate a fake flash (without real hardware connection)?

As my title suggests.. is there a method to flash a (samsung) firmware on a formatted sd card (fat32 I guess? And 16gb too?) instead of an actual phone (flash emulation) using pit file in heimdall/odin or changing values in heimdall/odin to make it happen?

What I want to do : Just partition and flash the bootloader and kernel partitions to an sd card (it should be partitioned in a similar way as it happens after flashing them on internal memory normally through odin.. problem is .. phone is deadboot i.e can’t go in download mode and I want to get the correct bootloader and primary partitions on the sd card and try to boot through it in download mode and reflash normally..)

I have firmware but I cannot seem to get it flashed (or in other words, partitioned according to pit file) on an sd card without actual working phone sadly. I tried and researched a lot but couldn’t find exact answer.

Furthermore, repairing in a local shop or a box isn’t an option. And can’t afford replacing motherboard etc. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !