samsung – Is it possible to enable the tab key as an indentation instead of “cycle” on android?

I planned to use my phone+external keyboard combo as my primary means of taking notes (replacing my laptop since it is more portable).

Everything works great except for tab key for indentation. Android input it as cycling through options, similar to alt key on desktop.

I heavily use tab indentation in my note-taking since the note-taking-style is a heavily nested markdown file, so the tab key is a very important and frequently used key. For example:

# title
- subtitle 1
  - point 1
    - subpoint 1
    - subpoint 2
  - point 2
    - subpoint 1
      - subsubpoint 1
  - ...
- metadata:
 - date: 2021-3-3, tuesday
 - location: Kyoto, uni cafe
- ... etc. (you got the idea)

Is it possible to make tab key to insert indent / disable shortcut?

Thank you in advance for your kind help!