Scammed by Crakrevenue (1500$), l4 cpa/cpm network | Proxies-free

If you’re willing to make money, stay away from Crakrevenue, here’s my adventure with them:

I’m a p0rn influencer in my country and I have IG profiles from 1.000.000 to 370.000 follower. I decided to go with Crakrevenue after I saw their cam site offer (SOI and DOI). Everything good, also one of the advertise manager got in touch with me via Skype and proposed me a cam offer and, after they approved my funnel and conscious of how many people I can drive to their site, I published that offer.

I got banned after i reached 1500$ on conversions for “fraud” and “false leads” and didn’t want to tell me the exact reason

They known my funnel and even my IG profiles, they also wanted to see the IG story i made to promote them. Obviously they stopped answering my question after that email.

So, stay in guard from these scammers. Do you know any other network that pays this type of traffic (social/blog)?