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FREE! Scheme for making money. Valid until October 1!

Giveaway from YoBit. 1700 DLRS for participation +800 DLRS for each friend
Distribution +0, Without verification of Passport and SMS. As a result, in a couple of simple actions you will receive 1700 DLRS, the trades will be on October 1, but it costs 100% to participate, Even if you don’t fumble in the crypt!
Last time everyone who took part earned at least $ 10! And many have earned 1000-3000 $!

Link: YoBit (click)

1 ~ Follow the link – (DLRS is not credited without a link!)
Press: “Open Telegram”


2 ~ Press “START” in the Bot After select the tab “Get 1700 Free Dollars”


3 ~ Subscribe to their Telegram “Chat” and “Channel”


4 ~ Register on the Exchange – YoBit


4 ~ After registration, follow the personal link from the Telegram Bot in point “3” This link will contain your “CODE”


5 ~ Copying “CODE”


Insert it into the bot and send it!


That’s all! Congratulations, you received 1700 DLRS on Telegram Bot Balance!
P.S. Your Telegram account should not be super dead, at least once a week go into it and write for example: in their chat! Otherwise, the account will add to the list of inactive users !!
So, now information on the Subtleties and the Abuse of this Drop.

I must say right away that: It is super difficult to abuse and now they are actively banning for multiaccs. If you get burned, all accounts will be blocked! But this does NOT mean that Abuse is Impossible .. You can use a VPN, correctly register accounts through new Google users, issue telegram accounts, and keep active on them.

It would seem that everything is simple … BUT you have to keep accounts for 3 months, so it is better to postpone this method until September, besides, from my experience with YODA coin, I will tell you: that the guys have a very good Algorithm, no one knows exactly how it works and what exactly it is checks, but all Abusers and Multi accounts fly off at least 90%! Now the algorithm has been greatly improved! .. And even if you managed to add refs now, alas, this does not mean anything at all, even after passing the bot check (which will be in September) the accounts will still fly off. Since the last distribution, I noticed several patterns and I will test them, maybe this is already a Rule, and I will succeed 🙂

Personally, I am unlikely to Abuse, a maximum of a couple of accounts, because they are Banned for multi-accounts! It makes no sense for me to risk it, and knowing their algorithms there is not much desire.

By the way, the Algorithm will not even let those who try to Abuse through Buksy … This is what the YObit Admin himself said, something like this ..

Additional information about distribution
If your referral is already registered on YObit, or was a bot user, then you will not receive a reward for him!

The referral is checked in about 1 hour, and if he does not fulfill the conditions of participation during this time (he will NOT receive 1700 DLRS), then a friend will not be credited to you, even if he fulfills the conditions later (for example, after 2 hours), in this case he will receive 1700 DLRS, but you don’t have your 800 for it ..

That’s all, it is possible for someone to get Abuse, and someone will successfully involve their friends and girlfriends in this event. In general, I wish everyone to fix from 1000 $