schengen – What’s the process of transit these days in countries with a covid ban?

I am a Canadian-Hungarian dual citizen, residing in Canada. As such, I can enter Hungary at worst I will need to quarantine. The question is, should the need arise, how would travel happen? I mean, there are a few flights but there never was anything direct and given the state of affairs I would count myself lucky if I could get there in two transfers (I am aware of the YVR-AMS-BUD option but I don’t count on it). Now, how does that work? I guess if you never leave airside then there’s no problem but what if you want to sleep en route? To be more specific, let’s limit the question to Amsterdam and Frankfurt as those are the most likely. Can you enter as a citizen of an EU/Schengen country? If you enter do you quarantine — which would obviously make the stop not practical.

If it matters: the only possible reason I would risk such a trip would be if one of my parents were on their deathbed or passed. Not sure whether this creates a special case.