Scouts – With which spells or tactics can a non-blaster arcanist deal with creatures that are unable to influence mind-impacting thoughts or have lots of HD?

I played The Confirmation yesterday and it was a pretty interesting experience. Our party consisted of:

  • 2 Arcanists prepared with grease and paint spray and quick-study (my friend and I)
  • A party face Sorcerer with Charm Person and Color Spray (it was the player's choice to play with this magic set)
  • Summon Summoner and Cha 20
  • A famous ranger
  • An Arcanist with spell specialization (burning hands) and powerful magic that deals 5d4 damage to BH, DC 17 in half.

This question contains spoilers for this scenario. Read on in your sole discretion.

The first meeting was against it

Two spider swarms that are immune to weapon damage.

A friendly NPC gave us

a bottle of alchemist fire, but the only member of our party who could do significant damage was the BH Arcanist.

Yes, my friend and I could also study Quick Study BH, but that would cost us a lot of resources, so we decided to conserve our resources and watch our blaster burn the enemies.

The third encounter was

Zombies, also immune to mental magic.

Again, I could not do much against her. This time, our summoner used her Eidolon, I used some fat and the blaster did some damage again.

At the last meeting

the Minotaur

Our blaster no longer had spells (or left a spell, can not remember). I still had magic slots and poured grease and paint spray. The summoner summoned an eagle that was fully attacked immediately. However …

The Minotaur was a 5-HD creature stunned by my color spray for just one round, and he was also pretty good at withstanding my DC 17 Grease even though he fell once.

In addition, our group was in the end partly no longer in spells, and actually there should be another encounter


which we skipped. I think that's the only situation where Color Spray would not work.

In the previous sessions, the encounters were mainly against goblins that are easily affected by paint spray or grease. However, I am now very confused as to whether my build is actually feasible and likely to persist. The non-specialized blasting is very weak, so I clearly have to do something if my enemies are immune to spells and / or high HD. My GM told us "you have not seen any wet", which means that our party is likely to lose one.

I've just come to Level 2 and use slow progress so my friends can keep up with me. However, I am interested in answers that also touch on later levels. Note that I do not feel useless outside of combat or with enemies affected by Color Spray.

Actually blow up

The best I can get is Burning Hands for 1d4 Fire damage per CL, DC 16 in half. I can raise my CL from 2 to 3 or DC to 17. This is probably the only thing I can do against swarms and wetness. Please correct me if I am wrong.


I think that's a backup, but it's very short-lived on the first levels. The best I can get from a magic playground (if you spend & # 39; Arcane Reservoir & # 39; s) is to make 6 attacks on +3 and d4 + 1 on damage (by hitting). This is a much better single target damage than my burning hands, but still not much and does not work against swarms. It works against the undead.

Ally buffing

Again, I can not do much. I can give an ally a magic armor that does not help against swarms, and I can resist. That's it pretty much.

Save or die

High HD creatures are immune to or weak in low level spells. Low levels of rescue or death also affect the mind.

So, what can I use to be useful in fighting swarms or enemies that have a lot of HD or are immune to the effects of the mind?