screen – After your Android phone uses OLED, does the graphics looks a little “frame by frame”?

I have had iPhones and Android phones and when I play Pokemon Go, I do see that the LCD and LED ones have smooth animations, but on phones with OLED, the Pokemon when standing in front, when the player can throw the Pokeball towards them, appear choppy.

The graphic animation begin to look like 15 frames per second or maybe even 10 frames per second, while on the LCD and LED phones, they look like 30 or even 60 frames per second — smooth to a point I can’t tell whether it is 30 or 60 fps.

With movies playing, I found similar things: I can’t see the lip frame by frame movements on LCD or LED display, but on OLED, I actually can see the frames.

I am wondering if it is due to OLED not dimming down fast enough as the LCD or LED can.

Is that the overall experience on Android phones with OLED too?