script – Two Lists: Choice field (lookup column) in first list should auto-filter column in second list. Help!

I have two sharepoint lists on the same site. One list (List A) has a lookup field (called Select Material) that displays the variables in the “Description” column in list (List B).

I have customized the Default New Form page for List A to also display List B in a web part beneath it on the same page. When a user completes the form for a new list entry, there is a drop down field (which is a lookup field, called “Select Material”) wherein they must select the description for the item they would like to change. I would like for the Description column List B to automatically filter the based on the “Select Materials” choice in List A. Can this be done?

FYI, I am not a strong script user and I do not have access to PowerApps.

Any help would be much appreciated. Even if the solution is that it cannot be done because the first column is a lookup column.

Thank you!