Search – Managed property query does not work for taxonomy fields

I have a list that uses a unique content type that contains multiple managed metadata field site columns.

I have a managed metadata property for each of these taxonomy fields that matches the two crawled properties that correspond to that field. For example, if my field has the internal name "Location" then my managed metadata will have the name as well "Place" and it's linked to both:"Ows_taxId_Location" and "Ows_Location". This applies to all these areas.

After these items are no longer searched for these managed properties, the problem does not work.

For example, suppose that the Location field is set to Paris for a particular element.
If my query is Paris The results will then be displayed as expected and the article will be displayed in the search result field. If, however, my search query is "Location": "Paris" then I get no results. Search also "Place":"*" does not return results from my list. Until recently, this worked flawlessly. I have not made any changes to the list or managed properties or to the search service or to the items.

For some of these managed metadata fields, I also found that the queries work normally for 3-4 list items. (I have hundreds of possible values ​​and thousands of articles). So "ManagedPropertyName": "*" Returns only 3-4 elements, although there are many more elements that have a value in this field.

In addition, all the above queries work for items that belong to other lists that use the same metadata column site column.

There is nothing associated with the result type, as I can find every article when I search for its title

I tried these queries on an OOB search page and made sure that no option to remove the duplicates was enabled.
I tried indexing the list again and did several full crawls, but it did not seem to work.
I used the search API to get the items that had problems, and those taxonomy fields are empty. Apart from this incident, there are no problems with the search service.

Can you imagine a solution or recommend a procedure?