security – Need help with accessing my school admin’s username & password to un-install the securly certificate on MacBook Air

Sign the petition to end Securly here. Well, I’ve been having a lot of issues with Securly recently, as it’s been blocking me from every site that I wanted to go on, like Anyway, it just says that “it’s not allowed by the school restrictions”. The reason for to be blocked is because “it’s a social media platform”. However, it’s a social media platform for all ages.

I need something in the answers:

  1. I need how to obtain the school admin’s username & password so that I don’t have to deal with Securly anymore.
  2. You may tell me how you did it yourself, if possible.

I go to the Weiss School, and Mr. Eissey is our school administrator. Once I retrieve the username and password, I will un-install Securly and I will mark the answer that I used, as long as it worked.

Good luck!