Selling – Auto Detailing and Repairs Blog – 100% Unique Content

Why are you selling this site?
I want to focus on my other investments and don’t have time to focus on SEO and social media marketing at the moment. If I can’t get the offer I want, I will continue to build up this website as it has tremendous potential.

How is it monetized?
Amazon Associates. It makes anywhere from $5-$10/mo with no effort. All traffic comes from search engines, and the occasional Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook visitor.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Yes. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube. I paid to get a few videos made so I could promote the site on YouTube.

How much time does this site take to run?
It depends. As of now, there are a couple of articles ranking #1 in Google related to products (which is why my Amazon Associates conversion rate is often as high as 40%).

If you want to increase the rankings of other articles and focus on SEO and social media marketing, then there’s a lot of potential for more earnings and traffic.

There are also many more topics that can be discussed on the website, as it covers auto detailing and auto repairs. I have a section of the site dedicated to trouble codes, with complete pages explaining how to fix the specific code. I wanted to create an article for all of them, but this would require more time than I have.

If you want a website that you can set up and run with, then this is perfect for you. It’s doing fairly well in Google – I will share the Search Console report if you message me. It had 28.3k impressions in Google search within the last 3 months, with 471 clicks. These numbers have been consistently increasing each month.

What challenges are there with running this site?
Time. I work a full-time day job 60+ hrs a week, and I also freelance my web development and content marketing services. I simply don’t have time…

With that said, I love this website. The reviews are real, from products I have used. Many of the photos are from my car, my purchased products, etc. I grew up in a family of mechanics and worked as a mechanic for years, so a lot of the information is 100% unique advice and tips.

I put a ton of hours into this site, writing over 80 blog posts and a dozen or so pages of content. I’ve paid to have infographics made and submitted to various websites. I’ve set up the social media pages. I’ve optimized the site for SEO. I’ve laid the groundwork and then some.

If you understand how much it costs to get unique, quality articles written for you, then you’ll understand the value of a website with 68k+ words published and many already ranking.

Your average quality American writer will charge $40 per 1000 words, so that would be $2,720 just in content. This content isn’t just rewrites, it’s unique from my experiences.

Feel free to send me your best offer, and I’ll consider it.