Selling – – potential for a multi million dollar auto pilot website

Was formerly a very popular site with backlinks on USAToday and tripadvisor etc.

Collected 300+ leads on the coming soon page. Has traffic. Content has been done for 3 States.

Why are you selling this site?

I don’t have the time to complete this project

How is it monetized?

Currently being rebuilt, I envisage monetization via affiliate deals, private advertising for local businesses relevant to attractions.

If you sold just one adspace at a meagre sum of $250-$500 per year you make bank on autopilot. This was an incredibly popular site, the site was hacked when the owner passed away (check

I have collected over 300 leads on the coming soon page from fortune 500 execs, teachers and individuals.

There is no other resource like it on the internet.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?


Facebook and Twitter

How much time does this site take to run?
It needs to be rebuilt and content done, once this is completed, the site runs on auto pilot once it’s completed.

What challenges are there with running this site?
Content, there are over 5,000+ attractions to be reviewed and listed.