Selling – Movies App | Proxies-free

The application is unique and was developed with a focus on speed and performance, some details of the application:

• Flutter application
• In-app notification support
• mp4 / embed support
• Optimized panel, a 2gb ram vps supports an unlimited number of users (it has already reached 30k online), all thanks to api json that is totally saved by cloudflare, even if the vps goes offline the application continues to work.
• Own player with option to skip and go back 10 seconds, continue where you left off and next episode
• Appodeal to monetize with the network you prefer
• Responsible panel with api tmdb
• Embed player that broaches ads from streamtape, doodstream etc.
• Donwload option, and broadcast to tv
• Mark watched episodes function

I’m open for proposal, there are only 2 apps on google play that use my code, the 2 are mine so this code is valuable.

Video demonstration
Google play app link
Apk for download

If you are interested or want to see the panel contact us by telegram @haloplay