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What is Marketibot:
It is the ultimate social media & eCommerce automation solution for passive leads & sales in any niche.
100% beginner-friendly, Automates multi-channel marketing to maximize your exposure, Tap into free traffic from 8 top social networks, Leverage the latest technologies to skyrocket conversions, Launch unlimited eCom stores with hosting included, Replace multiple expensive subscriptions to save $1000s each year, Works in any niche, Epic training and support.

The ultimate beginner-friendly all-in-one marketing solution,
Generate passive leads & sales in any niche,
Get free viral traffic from 8 top social networks,
Built-in automations for turning new leads into buyers,
Make pure profits from unlimited eCom stores,
Save $1000s a year with no more monthly subscriptions,
Autoresponder, chat messaging & automated social media management suite included,
Hosting for all your ecom Stores included,
Be up & running in minutes with step-by-step video training,
No tech skills or manual integrations needed,
Fully compliant & Facebook-approved.

Marketibot Makes It Simple In Just 3 Quick Steps:
Connect your accounts once it integrates with 8 leading social networks,
Automate: Setup ecom stores, automated messaging & social engagement tools in just minutes,
Profit: Watch free traffic turn into leads, sales & profits from multiple platforms.

From Scratch To a Fully Automated Online Business With One Simple Solution:
Save Thousands Per Year:
Forget overpriced subscriptions for autoresponders & store builders. No more paying to host your eCom stores. It delivers premium solutions for all this and more, WITHOUT the ongoing costs,
Create a Fully Automated eCom Store Online and Sell on AutoPilot: It lets you target audiences in ANY niche with 100% FREE social media traffic. Not the crappy ‘tire-kicker crowd’ either … but laser-targeted, highly engaged buyers. Create multiple eStores & monetize your chat messages & emails for multi-channel selling at its best,
Hassle Free Setup: You can have a multi-channel marketing ENTERPRISE live in any niche in less than 20 minutes,
Including: Multiple connected social accounts with automated engagement & scheduled posting, Full-blown CUSTOM eCommerce stores ready to take payments, Monetized chatbots & emails, fully-automated for virtually hands-free sales.

Marketing Is Hard:
There’s more competition online than ever before. Buyers have so many choices now that old-school marketing is dead. You don’t have 8 weeks to build a brand. You’ve got about 8 seconds to make a sale. Today’s buyers have high demands, and expect fast results. The bottom line to making money online today?. Whoever gets to the customer first WINS. But unless you’ve got the budget and technical skills of Elon Musk. Current tools aren’t going to get you there.

Marketibot Makes Marketing Easy:
Today’s customers don’t care if you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 minutes. If you can engage, reply & deliver FAST they’re buying from you. It makes this a reality. With every key marketing solution inside ONE easy-to-use platform. It gives you the power to make passive leads, sales and profits in literally any niche.
Social Media Automation: Get free traffic, grow your audience & turn fans into buyers with all-in-one posting & engagement features On AutoPilot,
eCommerce Sales & Lead Generation: Create stunning eCom stores in MINUTES, collect payments & grow your list without paying for hosting,
Multi-Channel Customer Marketing: Maximize profits by reaching your customers EVERYWHERE with automated chatbots, emails & social commenting crush your competition.

Beginner-friendly video guides get you up and running fast. No technical skill or previous experience needed. You’re About To OWN The Competition:
Exposure is everything in online marketing. The more places your prospects see you & hear from you, the better. But right now, the only way to maximize that exposure is with all kinds of SEPARATE tools. So while your competition is STRUGGLING to ‘connect the dots’ with a dozen different softwares losing sleep and paying WAY TOO MUCH money. You can be showing up everywhere your customers are online. Delivering solutions & engagement that turn into more sales, more often. For a FRACTION of the cost and with none of the technical hassles. Because it does it all BETTER, EASIER and CHEAPER than any other all-in-one platform.

Profit Without Compromise:
It does more than save you time and a LOT of money in recurring payments. It also drives unheard of performance across the board. Instead of settling for ho-hum results like you might have been used to before. With Marketibot there are no compromises.

The Easiest Way To Start Or Grow Your Online Empire:
Picture ONE cloud-based platform that gives you everything you need to make online profits. Without logging in & out of different tools or even social accounts … because they’re all integrated inside. Save dozens of hours a week with set & forget automations. Start new income streams from scratch while growing ones you already have. All this and more, now at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What about traffic?
One of the best parts of Marketibot is how it maximizes your FREE traffic from authority social platforms. You absolutely won’t need paid ads to make this work that said, it also plugs right into paid traffic campaigns if or when you want to scale.

How fast can I get results?
It’s illegal for us to make any claims about your personal results. But we CAN say that many users have generated new traffic, leads & even sales on their FIRST DAY using it including some complete beginners.

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