SEO – How do I deal with potential duplicates or similar content when I use thumbnails with pagination?

I researched for 2 days and am still not sure how to handle this obvious but confusing issue: SEO thumbnails with potential duplicates or similar content.

I have a page (with pagination) that displays thumbnails of video images like this:


In this case, there is no duplicate content just because I show all the videos sorted in order.

Therefore, each page is indexed because it is not considered duplicate content.

But sometimes I show thumbnails of videos that might have similar data, especially when I am filtering for data, such as:




In this case, video thumbnails from 1970 and video thumbnails from the black and white category might contain duplicate or similar data, but this is not essential.

So my question is how Google handles potential duplicate or similar data when using thumbnails with pagination and some other type of filtering.

And how do I deal with it on my page? Is there something to keep in mind when dealing with this problem?

Any good articles or books about it?

Many thanks.